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2 weeks ago @ 2:19PM

Fall Tryouts Letter


Good day, 9/3


Thank you again for all your patience as I worked to put the Fall season together. While everything will be starting on 9/8, it is going to be much different than years past...obviously. All athletes and parents/guardians will be required to sign a Covid 19 Waiver. I know some of you have signed one for summer workouts but you will need to do it again as some things have changed. Here is a link to the form Covid 19 Waiver. All athletes need to bring this for the first day. Another change from the summer is that students and parents will no longer need to fill out a Covid 19 pre-screening form before each workout. The pre-screening and temperature check will still be done and recorded by either myself, the Athletic Trainer, or a coach(if needed). 


On Tuesday, all athletes need to arrive in the proper workout attire and wearing their face mask. The locker rooms will not be available for changing. We will have porta potties available for those that need to use the bathroom. Athletes should have their own face mask and hand sanitizer but we do have supplies for those that don’t. After arriving, athletes are to go directly to the area designated for each program. That information is included with the schedule below. Once at your designated area, athletes are to socially distance until practice starts. Athletes will need to provide their own water for practices. There will be no community water jug available. If an athlete runs out of water, there will be a procedure in place for them to get more. No athlete will go thirsty!


Once practice starts, athletes will not be required to wear masks for certain activities that do not involve social distancing but are permitted to wear one if they choose. Once practice ends, athletes are to leave and not loiter. For those getting picked up by parents, we ask that parents arrive early to help ensure this doesn’t happen. I will make sure coaches are not going past the scheduled time so you are not inconvenienced any more than you already are. It is the responsibility of each athlete to make sure that any personal equipment is being cleaned and sanitized regularly. The coaches will be responsible for cleaning and sanitizing any team equipment that is shared. 


We will also attempt to do Impact Testing next week as well. The time has been scheduled during one of the team's practice slots. This test is an important part of our concussion protocol. The test will take place in the computer labs. The testing day is included with the schedule below. Only freshmen, juniors, and any new students will be required to take it.


Team schedules are located on our Big Teams page. This link will bring you there Pembroke Athletics.   Schedules were made to keep us local and form our own little bubble. There is still some tweaking to do with times and some home/away issues. I hope to have those resolved by next week. The JV football schedule still needs to be finalized as well. More info regarding game day procedures and protocols will be coming at a later date.


Lastly, I want to remind everybody that in order for this season to work, everybody must do their part to stay safe. As long as people are wearing face masks, practicing social distancing, and hand washing, I am very confident that we can have our athletes enjoy a fall season. If you have any questions about this or anything else, please let me know. Even though it is a holiday weekend, I will be checking my emails periodically. I will get back to you within 24 hours. Thanks and have a great Labor Day Weekend!


Fred Vezina

Athletic Director


Fall Sports

Tryouts and Practice


Below is the schedule for tryouts and practices for the first week of each sport. All practices will be at the high school unless noted. Please make sure athletes are properly prepared to participate. E-mails of the coaches have been provided in case you have any further questions. Impact Testing is for Freshmen, Juniors, and any new athletes.


Football- Will Moher


9/8-9/11 3:30-6:30pm  Practice Field

9/12 8-11am

Impact Testing- 9/11 at 3:30 in Rooms 1138 and 1145


Boys Soccer- Pete Bisson 


9/8-9/11 4-6pm JV Soccer Field

Impact Testing- 9/9 at 4:30 in Rooms 1138 and 1145


Girls Soccer- Jess Croft


9/8-9/11 3:30-5 TRS Field

Impact Testing- 9/11 at 4:30 in Rooms 1138 and 1145


Field Hockey- Steve Langevin  


9/8 thru 9/11 3:30-5pm Field Hockey Field

Impact Testing- 9/10 at 3:30 in Rooms 1138 and 1145


Golf- Beth Hamilton


9/8-9/10- 3pm at Pembroke Pines Country Club

Cross-Country- Lance Adams


9/8-9/11 3:30-5 Shot Put Area

Impact Testing- 9/9 at 3:30 in Rooms 1138 and 1145


Fall Spirit- Nicole Nason


9/8 and 9/10 5:30-7 Game Field

Impact Testing- 9/10 at 5:00 in Rooms 1138 and 1145

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