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Spartans Athletics

Pembroke Academy


Spartans Athletics

Pembroke Academy

Spartans Athletics

Pembroke Academy

Game Summaries & Headlines.

Game Summary

6.0 years ago @ 6:04PM by Jonathan Miner

GS & SL Waterville Valley

Game Date
Feb 2, 2018

Giant Slalom



Team placed 5th with 337 points

Jessica Boyajian  58.7s 89 points 15th

?Molly Keyes  65.76s 85points 32nd

?Eliza Winegartner 75.93s 82points 44th

Hannah Brown 82.42s 81points 48th


Team placed 5th, 341 points

Jackson Frazier 54.9s 90points 13th

Logan Raymond 57.87s 89points 18th

Ryan Burns 64.07s 82points 31st

Ben Sporcic 64.59s 81points 32nd




Team placed 5th, 333 points.

Jessica Boyajian  50.54s 87points 22nd

Hannah Brown 70.99s 83points 46nd

?Elyza Weingartner 82.74s 82points 49th

?Molly Keyes 84.51s 81points 50th


Team placed 4th, with 348 points

Jackson Frazier 37.71s 96points 6th

Logan Raymond 48.07s 87points 18th

Ryan Burns 52.5s 83points 25th

?Ben Sporcic 55.97s 82points 28th

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