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Team News.

Team News

5.0 years ago @ 7:45PM by Jonathan Miner

Welcome to The 2019 Alpine Race Season


We're one week... and several helpings of turkey, away from our season.  We'll be starting dry-land training on Monday, 11/26.  Practice will start at 3pm and run until 4:30pm, three days a week: Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  Weather permitting, we'll be practicing outdoors.

Please notify the Coaches if you're going to be missing or late to practice.


Jonathan Miner

Head Alpine Coach, Pembroke Academy


Team News

5.0 years ago @ 6:50PM by Jonathan Miner

Week 2

After a great first week of dry-land conditioning, we're starting Week 2.

Athletes have some homework to do this week.  There are two forms in the "Files" section that must be completed.  The first is an emergency contact form; this form is kept on file by the Pats Peak Ski Patrol.  The second form is the training application; if you have a Pats Peak Season Pass, please be sure to circle YES, when you get to that line. If you wish to purchase a Season Pass, call Pats Peak and inform them that you race for Pembroke Academy; there's a discounted rate for high school racers.  I have also put the Season Pass application form online. It would be really great if everyone could turn in the forms on Wednesday!

Speaking of Wednesday... Your team captains will be organizing pizza for 6:30 at the school, prior to the 7pm Sports Awareness Meeting.  Following that, we'll have a team meeting.  It's really important for everyone to attend; I look forward to meeting parents of our new athletes!

There is no school on Friday, and no practice.

Team News

5.0 years ago @ 8:52PM by Jonathan Miner

Winter Sports Night Agenda

Pembroke Academy

Alpine Ski Racing


  • Head Coach, Jonathan Miner

  • Assistant Coach, David Goulet

  • Girls Captain: Katie Muise

  • Boys Captain: Jackson Frazier

  • Parents and athletes



  • All communication goes through the website. Select “Winter” → “Alpine Skiing” → “CoEd Varsity”

  • Contact the school if you have problems with the website, Ashley should be able to help you.

  • Schedule changes appear there first!


Basic Rules

  • (see binder)


Upcoming Dates:

  • 12/10: ImPact testing for freshmen and juniors; See Nate.

  • 12/14: All forms are due back to me!

  • 12/24: Pats Peak is hosting a Race Mini-Camp. Tickets are $25 (unless you already have a season pass). Athletes will be focusing on skiing fundamentals with a combination of drills and guided free-skiing. We’ll be on snow from 9am until Noon; you’re welcome to ski after lunch. This is not a team event, and you’re responsible for transportation.

  • 1/4: Pembroke is hosting a GS race at Pats Peak. 3pm start. I need parents to help with starting, gate keeping, and timing. Lift tickets will be provided for race workers.

  • 2/12: Pembroke is hosting the Girls State Meet at Pats Peak. Again, I’ll need parents to help out with this, especially those who have some ski racing experience.


On Snow Practice

  • Monday and Tuesday, starting 1/7. There are eight days on snow.

  • Bus leaves promptly at 2:30pm; we normally return around 6:30pm

  • Ski storage

  • Bus procedures



  • Athletes must have solid ear helmet for GS, soft ear is OK for slalom, but a chin guard is recommended.

  • I expect that everyone will keep the skis in good shape, and get a binding check done by a shop. S&W in Concord offers discounts for high school racers, so don’t forget to mention that!

  • Katie has been organizing sweatshirts for the team. I think the end cost ended up being between $20 and $25

  • LL Bean jackets can be purchased. Final cost depends on how many we order. I have one brand new Mens Medium for $120. These are three-in-one jackets and do really well in the rain! Dead line is 12/14

Team News

5.0 years ago @ 8:23PM by Jonathan Miner

Week 3

Important Dates:

Friday 12/14: All paperwork must be complete.  All athletes must complete the Pats Peak Training Application, and the Pats Peak Emergency Contact forms.


Practices are going to be on Monday and Tuesday, starting on 1/7.  We have eight practice sessions, skipping over Monday, 1/21.  If you can not attend these practice sessions, you must discuss this with Coach Miner this week.  Remember that this is a fully funded sport, and the school pays for your practice time based on the number of athletes.

Team News

5.0 years ago @ 5:37PM by Jonathan Miner

Week 4

If you compare dry-land training to a slalom race... we've just got two more gates to go, and the finish line is in sight.  Keep up the good work, sprint to the finish!

Three important dates:

Wednesday, 12/19: Picture day.  The team needs to be in the gym at 2:45pm.

Monday, 12/24: (Optional) Pats Peak Mini-Race Camp.  If you don't have a season pass, the cost for this is $25.  Please see Coach Miner in the Valley Lodge before 8:30. Exact change please!  Otherwise, we'll meet at 8:45 for an intro, and then ben on snow from 9:00 until 12:00.  The morning session will focus on warm up and giant slalom skills, after a break at 10:30, we'll go back out until Noon with a focus on slalom.

Friday, 1/4: Home Opener - Giant Slalom at Pats Peak. 3pm start.  I need parent (and/or alumni) to help with the race.  I think it would be good to match up some of the experienced parents, with some of the new ones, to help share the knowledge.  If you ski, lift tickets will be available.  If you don't ski, the finish area is just a short hike.  Even if you've said you could help, please drop me an email to remind me!

Happy Holidays!

Team News

5.0 years ago @ 7:53PM by Jonathan Miner

Week 6

Happy New Year!

Now that we're all back from our holiday break, it's time to get on snow.  We had some athletes attend the Pats Peak mini race camp right before Christmas, with the opportunity to ski with some great coaches, and make some new friends.

Our first race, is rapidly coming up on Friday, January 4th.  It is critical that parents provide some support for this event.  There is a need for a starter to help at the top of the race course, as well as an announcer at the bottom to help with timing, and announcing times. Please consider that the school fully funds this program, but in turn, the coaches are asking for some help so we can host a race at our home mountain.  Lift tickets will be provided for parents helping with the race. Please let Coach Miner know before Friday, and plan to meet him between 1:30 and 2pm in front of the Valley Lodge.  Coach Miner would like to be able to pair up parents that have worked races before with some of our new parents.

Our first practice will be Tuesday, January 8.  Normally, we are back at school around 6:30.  Coaches will remind athletes to make a phone call or send a text message when we depart from Pats Peak.

Team News

5.0 years ago @ 8:09PM by Jonathan Miner

Week 7

Coach Miner really isn't sure if this really is "Week 7", but let's just play along...

Although it seems like the season just started, we're approaching the middle, and the State Meets are less than a month away.  We all need to focus on what it takes to keep our academics on track, while improving our skiing.  Getting plenty of sleep is important. 

Our next race is on Friday, with a prompt 6:30am departure from Pembroke Academy.   Please be at the school at 6:20 to load gear onto the bus.  We'll likely be returning around 7pm; but we'll remind the athletes to send out messages when we depart Cranmore.

Things to remember:

1) The bus departs Pembroke Academy promptly, and on time!

2) Ultimately, your personal items on the bus are your responsibility.  The coaches and the bus driver both walk the bus after we've unloaded, but items under seat might be missed. Food and other trash must be picked up. (If you find trash on the bus when you load, you must inform the bus driver... otherwise it looks like we left it!)

3) Still looking for assistance with the State Meets.  Pembroke needs to supply two parents to help with the Boys State Meet (2/11 @ Crotched Mountain)  So far, three parents have stepped forward to help with the Girls State Meet (2/12 @ Pats Peak), but additional help would be appreciated. (This is the first year that Pembroke has hosted a State Meet!)


Team News

5.0 years ago @ 7:25PM by Jonathan Miner

Girls NHIAA Division II Meet

Due to weather, the NHIAA decided to postpone the meet until Thursday, 2/14