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Spartans Athletics

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Spartans Athletics

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Team News.

Team News

4.0 years ago @ 5:15AM by Jonathan Miner

Thanks for a Great Season

Dear Team -


Earlier this week, Coach Goulet and I informed Mr Vezina of our intent to resign as the Alpine Coaches at Pembroke Academy. We did not come to this decision easily.  Over the ten years that I have been coaching at Pembroke, I have enjoyed the overwhelming support from athletes, their parents, and the school staff and administration. I have watched girls and boys mature into young ladies and young men, becoming better skiers, and eventually graduating and heading off on their own journeys. I must pursue my own journey at this point.


As some of you may remember, two years ago, I passed the exam for my PSIA Level III certification, something akin to getting a PhD in an academic subject.  Earlier this year, I made the commitment to start training for the PSIA Development Team. Originally, I was aiming for the tryouts in 2022, but with the recent Coronavirus pandemic, this years’ tryout was cancelled, and the next tryout moved to 2021.  I’m now on a one year plan to improve my skiing, and coaching.


I feel that we are leaving the team in a really good place. The team has grown in size from four racers to sixteen, we’ve even pulled off hosting a NHIAA State Meet, and have had athletes represent Pembroke at the Meet of Champions for the last four years.  Juniors; you’re part of the largest class ever, and your experience and leadership will be critical for next year’s transition. Freshmen; congratulations on making it through the first season, fitting into the program, and learning about alpine ski racing. Please come back next year and help the new Freshmen become part of the team. Sophomores, you’re in the middle of your high school career, stay focused and ski hard.


I have assured Mr Vezina that I’m committed to helping make this a smooth transition. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out.  I’m still in the area, and will continue to be working at Pats Peak, so if you want to share a chairlift ride and take a run, don’t hesitate to look me up. It’s been a great ten years, and I wish each of the best of luck on your own journeys. Go Spartans!


Jonathan Miner

PSIA Level III, Pats Peak Snowsports

Head Alpine Coach, Pembroke Academy (Ret.)

Cell phone: (603) 340-1414


Team News

4.0 years ago @ 5:50PM by Jonathan Miner

Week 6

Is it really week six? The end of the season is quickly coming.  We have one more all-day race on Friday 1/31; this race is being held at Sunapee.  It really easy to view the race, so we'd love spectators.  Sunapee is now requiring signed releases for every racer; I've forwarded the form via email, and also posted on the "files" section.  Racers must have these completed on Friday, I'll collect them on the bus in the morning.  Sorry for the short notice, but I just learned about this today!


The NHIAA State Meets are coming up, information was also emailed out.  The NHIAA expects that every school supply TWO gatekeepers; lift tickets will be provided.  Not experience required, and training is provided. Please email Coach Miner, with "STATE MEET" in the subject line.

Three more training days:

Monday: 1/27 - GS

Tuesday: 1/28 - SL

Monday: 2/3 - GS

Go Spartans!

Team News

4.0 years ago @ 9:58PM by Jonathan Miner

Week 5

Coach Miner thinks this is Week 5.... so much skiing he has lost track...

We had some great practices this week, and a big all-day race coming up on Friday at Cranmore. Bus departs Pembroke Academy promptly at 6:30am.  The race is scheduled to start at 9:45am, with the girls GS first.  SL will run after lunch... about an hour after the boys finish their second GS runs.

Next week is even busier... SL practice on Tuesday, then a SL race on Wednesday and another add-day race on Friday.  Keep up with school work, eat well, stay rested and keep your skis waxed and sharpened!

Team News

4.0 years ago @ 7:01PM by Jonathan Miner

Week 4

Welcome back to school!

Our first race is on Friday, January 3rd.  When you get to school on Friday, ask to put your skis in the weight room. The race will start at 3:30pm; our bus will arrive at 1:30pm. Coach Goulet will be riding the bus, Coach Miner will meet the team at Pats Peak.  We need a couple of parents to help with the race; lift tickets will be available. Send Coach Miner an email with the subject "RACE HELP"


Team News

4.0 years ago @ 7:15PM by Jonathan Miner

Week 3

This is the last week of indoor conditioning!

1) A couple of things to wrap up this week.. PA has four jackets that can be loaned out of the season; the returning athletes know these as the "Mountain Dew" jackets.  I will have these on Friday.  Upperclassmen get first choice...

2) We also have the ability to purchase LL Bean "Storm Chaser" jackets, with an embroider logo.  I have one Mens Medium, for $120.   For more information about the jackets, and sizing information, see the LL Bean site:

Contact me if you wish to order one.  The prices shown are just the jacket, the logo is another $8.  These jackets have proven to be both warm and waterprooof!

3) Our first race is on Friday, January 3rd.  When you get to school on Friday, ask to put your skis in the weight room.  The upperclassmen can review the process this Friday.  The race will start at 3:30pm; our bus will arrive at 2pm. Coach Goulet will be riding the bus, Coach Miner will meet the team at Pats Peak.  I need a couple of parents to help with the race; lift tickets will be available. Send Coach Miner an email with the subject "RACE HELP"

4) It's very important that all athletes attend on Friday.  Athletes that miss practices, without informing the coaches, are at risk of being cut from the team, or missing the chance to attend the State Meets.


Team News

4.0 years ago @ 8:50PM by Jonathan Miner

Alpine Ski Team Rules

Pembroke Academy

Alpine Ski Team Rules


  1. Athletes must adhere to the Pembroke Academy Student Handbook, and all NHIAA Guidelines.

  2. Be on time. If you are going to be late, or can not attend practice, training or a meet, you must contact the coaches in advance.

    • Jonathan Miner (603) 340-1414

    • David Goulet (603) 573-5662

  3. Show respect to all those involved, including:

    • Teammates

    • Opponents

    • Coaches

    • Mountain Personnel

    • Spectators

    • And the general public

  4. Safety is our first priority.

    • Acknowledge that skiing is a risky sport

    • Athletes are expected to have equipment properly adjusted by a qualified shop.

    • Athletes are expected to take the online NFHS concussion course.

    • Helmets must meet NHIAA guidelines

    • Respect and follow rules related to bus transportation

  5. Skiing is a Varsity Sport.

    • Varsity letters and pins will be awarded to athletes with no unexcused absences from training and meets, and who race at four or more events.

  6. Academics comes first.

    • Skiing comes second

    • Work, Club Sports, Family all comes after

    • Contact the coaches if you have conflicts


Go Spartans!

Team News

4.0 years ago @ 6:56PM by Jonathan Miner


Welcome to the 2020 Alpine Race Season!

Please be sure to sign up via FamilyID!

Dry-land conditioning will begin on Monday, December 2nd.  Practices will be held on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 3pm until 4:30pm.  Our last dry-land practice will be Friday December 20th.

Paperwork is due on Friday December 13th.  No exceptions.  You must complete the emergency contact page, and the training application. If you want to purchase a Pats Peak Season Pass, there is a separate form for that; contact Pats Peak directly with any questions.  Forms are located in the "files" section of this website.

On snow practices will be held on Mondays and Tuesdays, starting on January 6th.  Eight practice sessions will be held.

If you're receiving the message, and wish to remove yourself from the mailing list, you need to visit the Big Teams site and remove yourself.  Any questions related to that, please contact Ashley at

Thanks, and Think Snow!

Jonathan Miner

Head Alpine Coach

Team News

4.0 years ago @ 5:41AM by Jonathan Miner

Week 2

Despite the rainy weather, we're into our second week of dry-land training with lots of energy and enthusiasm.

Two important dates this week:

Thursday: Picture Day; a team photo will be taken at 2:30 in the Auditorium.  Unfortunately, neither Coaches are able to attend, but we'll hope to get an on-snow picture taken later this season.


1) Pats Peak Emergency Contact and Training Applications are due! If you want to buy a Pats Peak Season Pass, please contact Pats Peak directly to arrange payment.

2) Mandatory Team Meeting with parents at 4:30, to be held in the Cafe.  This replaces the Winter Sports Night which was canceled last week.

Think Snow!